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Controlled Embryo Handling

Fertilisafe™ IVF Workstation

This Multi-Zone Workstation is at the top of its class with a complete set of advanced features that helps embryologists in their daily work..

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AVT-I Anti Vibration Table

Specially designed to provide effective passing-type damping of external vibrations during ICSI.

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Semi-closed Environment IVF

Semi Closed Environment (SCE) takes the controlled environment from your incubators to previous procedures in the laboratory workflow.

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Safe Embryo Culture

Miri® Benchtop Multi-room Incubator

A multiroom incubator that allows embryologists to access their cultures without affecting neighboring chambers.

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CelCulture® CO2 Incubator

The CO2 incubator that gives optimum sample protection and superb laboratory performance.

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Mini Miri® Benchtop Incubator

The Mini Miri® Benchtop Incubator is a humidified incubator that provides a stable culture environment.

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Innovative Time-Lapse

Miri® Time-Lapse Incubator

Watch your embryos grow with the innovative time-lapse imaging system. With Miri TL, significant morphological events that are not seen with conventional scoring methods are captured.

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Unique Consumables

Culture Coin

CultureCoin, a culture dish, especially designed for the Miri® TL. Each CultureCoin has room for 14 embryos.

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Accurate Quality Control

Miri® GA Gas and Temperature Validation Unit

An external gas (CO2/O2) and temperature validation unit for CO2 incubator, Miri Benchtop incubator and Miri TL.

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Miri® GA Mini Gas Validation Unit

A handheld device intended to do spot measurements of CO2 and O2.

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